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Sist endret 2024.02.28 07:40

Medlemsmøte 2002-05-16 Positioning the Linux Desktop (engelsk)

Medlemsmøte torsdag 16. mai 2002 kl. 1830 på Høgskolen i Oslo, HiO, Vika, Cort Adelersgt. 30. Inngangen er 5 meter fra trikkeholdeplassen Vikatorvet. Skolen har egen parkeringsplass mellom skolen og Ruseløkka skole.

"In 1998, the KDE project released version 1.0 of the desktop. Back then and during the the following years we raised the question "Is Unix ready for the desktop?" on the main web page www.kde.org.

The past two years showed exciting development on the business side. With the raise and fall of the dotcoms, desktop Linux saw itself confronted with both the highest expectations and the darkest declarations of death. And with those turnings of the tide, the venture capital was coming and going.

If there is a definitive truth, where are we? Does the Linux desktop have a present or a future, or are we condemned to exist in the twilight of server rooms and embedded devices only?

In my talk, I'd like to give a broader picture on where we stand, both technically and in terms of mind and market share."

Matthias Ettrich is the original creator of LyX, a what-you-see-is-what-you-mean document processor for the LaTeX typesetting system. Later he got more interested in the usability of not only LaTeX but also the desktop itself and founded the KDE project. Here he was and partially still is responsible for various things including but not limited to the window manager itself. After finishing his studies in computer science he eventually got hired by Trolltech and moved to Oslo, where he now is the technically responsible lead developer for the Qt toolkit.